Frequently asked questions

What is co-ownership?

In a nutshell, Co-ownership simply means, you buy a property together with one or more individuals like yourself, saving you a huge capital deposit. You will also benefit from the capital growth of the development.

How do i get started?

Join myResidential investment Club that best suits you online and a dedicated member of staff will contact and guide you through. It's really a simple process.

  • Time club
  • Prime club
  • Capital club
You can build an impressive property portfolio by easily diversifying across different property assets - Nigeria, UK, Dubai with myResidential Club.

What are the advantages?

  1. Your returns on investment is better than that from the bank or Treasury bills.
  2. You will be a co-owner of a luxury property in a sort after area.
  3. Your ROI with myResidential Club can be up to 60%
  4. The project plan are usually not more than 2 years.
  5. You are investing in a trusted brand

Need more insight about the projects?

These projects are high yielding and receiving high levels of interest in views and from house hunters because of their value, location, and quality. Our investment projects are myResidential developments or direct from the developers we work with. The projects will have modern exquisite finishes and fixtures, that have been carefully hand-chosen for their matchless appeal. It will have tasteful architecture and modern styling, with a unique addition to the classic neighborhood and one that offers all the conveniences and design advances of the 21st Century city

Why Invest with myResidential?

#Below Market Value With Co-ownership you will be purchasing at Below Market Value (BMV). These are residential properties available for sale at a price below their actual market value. This is usually because the funds are used for the development of the project from inception (off-plan). Most of these properties are at least 25% below market value but in some cases can be as much as 40% below market value. In order to verify the market value of all our properties, we carry out extensive due diligence on each development including sales comparables and agents comparables # House prices will carry on increasing Nigeria still has a serious shortage of housing caused by a number of social and demographic factors. Compared to European countries, our population is expanding significantly, and it is predicted to increase by a significant number in the next few years. As more people chose to live in Lagos and other metropolitan cities, living in these cities means that the demand for housing will carry on increasing therefore driving up the price of property for the foreseeable future #High rental demand, high rental returns. A number of factors have combined to push up rental demand including an increase in immigration, more people living alone and rising house prices stopping first time buyer onto the ladder. This is excellent news for landlords who are finding that their properties are being let extremely quickly while their rental income keeps increasing.

Is now a good time to Co-own?

Now is an excellent time to invest in property. The property market is booming so there is huge potential for capital growth. On top of this, rental demand is still high, so it is an ideal time to invest in a property. #ROI You will earn between 15% - 60% ROI when you invest in our development projects. Co-owners earn return on their investment prior to funds being committed. #Instant Equity: When purchasing through myResidential, co-owners benefit from Instant Equity. Instant equity is the difference between the Market Value of the property and the price paid. So for example, you co-buy a property at #70,000; on completion the market value is #120,000, you will generate instant equity of #50,000! #Rental Income: The most obvious income generated by co-ownership is the monthly rental income. There is currently a very high demand for rental properties in the country. This is due to our ever-increasing population and the fact that many people cannot afford to buy their own homes. Rental yields have also gone up and myResidential is proud to offer its investors, properties with fantastic rental yields. #Capital Growth: In the longer term, the purchased property can generate another source of income through Capital Growth. Historically, property prices have doubled in value after several years so many people have benefited from huge Capital growth on their properties over the years. We are currently witnessing a real increase in property prices and experts are confident that the situation is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This is excellent news for property investors: Assuming a very conservative 5% increase in property prices per year, a property worth #100,000 when purchased would be worth #127,628 within five years.

What kind of BMV can I expect?

Our projects are currently between 25% and 40% BMV (Below Market Value). In some cases, we may  offer properties at a lower BMV if we still feel it is a good investment.

Can I exist at any time?

Exist period are at 6 months interval prior to funds being committed to the purchase of a property with other co-buyers. Once funds are committed, exist will be on the resale of the property.

Do I need to view the property before I invest?

Most of our investors never see any of the properties they invested into. They rely on the due diligence we have carried out. However, viewing will be arranged with other co-owners prior to funds being committed.